Product Name:Neutral Borosilicate Glass Tubing (Amber)
Product Model:173543-636
USP Type II.
Diameter from 10mm to 30mm
Physical Data
Coefficient of expansion                         7.0
Annealing point                                 514℃
Softening point                                 695℃
Density                                          2.47g/cm-3
Chemical Resistance
Hydrolytic Class
(DIN ISO 719)                                    HGB 2
to Ph. Eur.                                        Type II
to USP                                              Type II
Powdered glass (USP 661)                        0.89ml
Water attack of glass (USP 661)                 <0.1ml
Arsenic                                               <0.1μg/g
Chemical Composition
main components in approx weight %
Sio2                                                                  71
Al2O3                                                       2
Na2o                                                        16
K2O                                                         2
CaO                                                         -

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